Conservative leader shocked at prisoners’ access to a vaccine

Conservative leader shocked at prisoners' access to a vaccine
Conservative leader shocked at prisoners' access to a vaccine

(Ottawa) Conservative Party leader Erin O’Toole strongly opposes the fact that some prisoners can receive the COVID-19 vaccine before healthcare workers or those at risk.

“No criminal should be vaccinated before a front-line health care worker or vulnerable Canadian. None, “the opposition leader wrote on social media Tuesday night in reaction to a report from CTV.

According to information reported by the English-language media on the basis of information from the Union of Correctional Officers of Canada, 1,200 doses are expected to be delivered this week as part of a pilot project.

This means that at two doses per person, 600 prisoners should be vaccinated. In a statement sent to CTV, Correctional Service Canada ensures that it follows Health Canada’s guidelines.

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Conservative MP Pierre Paul-Hus added his voice to that of his leader when he wrote on Twitter on Tuesday evening that “Paul Bernardo [serial killer currently behind bars in Ontario] will be vaccinated before Aunt Helen … that is insane.”

It is not known to which institutions the doses of the vaccine will be sent.

Outbreaks of COVID-19 have been reported in prisons across the country. The small size of the premises is conducive to the spread of the virus.

The National Advisory Committee on Immunization advises “that as additional stocks of vaccine become available and sufficient to immunize [priority] populations”, vaccines should be offered to residents and staff in living settings such as institutions. penitentiaries.

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“In Canada, in addition to the cases in long-term care facilities, a high number of outbreaks or concentrations of COVID-19 cases have occurred in institutions (eg correctional facilities) […]” , is it specified on the website of the committee set up by Ottawa.