The USA admired the new version of the UAZ Patriot

The USA admired the new version of the UAZ Patriot
The USA admired the new version of the UAZ Patriot

UAZ Patriot SUV:

The American automotive portal HotCars has evaluated the version of the Russian UAZ Patriot SUV, which will be sold in the United States under the Bremach Taos brand.

Earlier it became known that sales of the SUV will begin in 2021, the model will be implemented by a branch of the Italian company Breach, specializing in the production of four-wheel-drive special vehicles. Taos is planned to be assembled in California. The cost of a basic SUV starts at $ 26,000 (1.9 million rubles).

The portal calls the Russian SUV “an exceptional 4×4 vehicle that is not only affordable, but also reliable.” It is noted that the car is equipped with high-end features that are usually found only in luxury SUVs, which cost many times more than their Russian competitor.

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According to HotCars, the “American” UAZ Patriot is compact and “built like a tank.” According to the portal, Bremach Taos with an impressive ground clearance of 8.26 inches (about 21 centimeters) is able to pass water obstacles up to 20 inches (about 50 centimeters) deep. Based on this, the author of the article concludes that crossing rivers will not be a problem for Russian cars.

As the portal adds, the Bremach Taos is completely focused on off-road driving, and the driver will not find luxury items in his cabin, but the American version has been modified for greater comfort during operation. In particular, significant multimedia features are noted, as well as a leather interior with heated seats. Plus, the rear seats are roomy enough to accommodate even the tallest passengers.

Considering the various options that are included in the package of the Russian SUV, the author of the article dwells separately on the vehicle stability control system, which prevents the car from skidding when cornering, and the anti-lock system.

The portal concludes that the Bremach Taos has all the top-notch features not found in many high-end SUVs.