Fresh PS5 delivery: tumult and chaos in the business

Fresh PS5 delivery tumult and chaos in the business
© Screenshot/Twitter/Dave Gibson

Employees were pushed back from the crowd, the police had to intervene.

Even in PlayStation’s home country, the new PS5 is hard to come by. How much it is in demand was shown by a failed sales campaign on January 30th.

Electronics retailer Yodobashi Camera Electrics Megastore has a fresh shipment of 300 PS5 consoles up for sale. The result: great chaos and tumult. And that despite Corona.

People began to push, jostle, and argue. The clerks and ticket counters were pushed back by the crowd. Several Twitter users shared the chaotic action.

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Own card

The massive rush is probably due to the fact that the megastore is one of 2 in the Tokyo-Yokohama area that does not require the in-house black credit card to buy a PS5. This is usually supposed to prevent resales.

300 numbered tickets for the purchase of a console were also distributed according to the “first come, first served” principle, reports Kotaku. The sale was canceled a short time later – the police then brought the order.