No rejection? Confusion about the Fischer show in Salzburg

No rejection? Confusion about the Fischer show in Salzburg
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The fans of the hit queen are a little Confusion. Most recently there was talk of a cancellation of the concert in Austria, but tickets are available.

Helene Fischer in Bad Hofgastein should have driven the temperatures up in April 2020. Due to Corona, the mega event was postponed to March 26, 2021. But nothing will come of that either. Compared to “Today”, organizer Klaus Leutgeb has already stated that the show will have to be postponed to 2022.

Now the fans seem to be really confused. Because the tickets are still available online. And not for the coming year, but for this year. How can that be?

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Leutgeb said to “Bild”: “At the moment we are sticking to the plans for the concert. There are still no official regulations for the end of March”. The organizer seems to be waiting for an official announcement. Until then he would like to continue selling tickets – which will remain valid even in the event of a cancellation.

Helene Fischer herself apparently gave up hope. There is nothing more to be read about the show in Bad Hofgastein on their homepage. When the hit queen will be allowed to go back on stage is still in the stars.