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ÖVP litigation over the allegations against Finance Minister Blümel


The ÖVP continues its offensive because of the allegations against Finance Minister Gernot Blümel in the party donation case.

“We are now suing in 13 specific cases for insult and defamation, as well as for omission,” their deputy general secretary Gaby Schwarz told the APA on Sunday. The lawsuits are also brought to the Regional Court for Criminal Matters in Vienna and mainly concern posts on social media.

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Further lawsuits are in preparation, announced Schwarz. “In the last few days, Gernot Blümel and the ÖVP were confronted with false allegations and slander that we will not put up with,” she justified the announced flood of lawsuits, which did not necessarily affect prominent personalities.

Blümel had already denied all allegations on Friday and announced that he would sue all those who make false claims and spread them.

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