Tom Brady calls himself a ‘Karen’ for jersey debacle

Tom Brady, Buccaneers


Tom Brady is calling himself out. Yes, that’s right. The quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers basically called himself a ‘Karen’ in his latest tweet to directly respond to his initial outburst about the NFL’s new (and relaxed) jersey number rules. The seven-time Super Bowl champ hilariously clapped back at himself on Thursday after his knee-jerk reaction earlier this week.

I would like to speak to the manager please…
— Tom Brady (@TomBrady) April 22, 2021

Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot to talk about the NFL these days so we’re now stuck with talking about Brady who’s talking about himself. That being said, this whole debacle is just classic Tom Brady.
Brady’s initial stand was that the new relaxed rules about the jersey numbers in the league were going to be rather confusing especially for the linemen. Tom Brady called out both the NFL and NFLPA for its rather “dumb” (in Brady’s words, not mine) rule change. The three-time MVP caught a ton of criticism on social media after his controversial remarks and now, it seems, that he’s changing his opinion about this whole jersey number issue.
It’s good that Tom Brady got into his senses.
An icon like Tom Brady should be big enough to be unbothered by these trivial things. It’s hard to imagine that changing numbers will drastically affect the way the NFL is played so he should definitely just let this be. If indeed this happens and corners and safeties end up changing their numbers then the offense just has to do better in scouting and being more observant.
Just do you, Tom Brady. Let the mortals worry about these things.


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