Aaron Rodgers could end up on Jeopardy! as full-time gig

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The Green Bay Packers superstar Aaron Rodgers is surrounded by a million trade rumors and other drama surrounding his play on the field, but there is much to be said about his off-the-field exploits as well. His biggest off-the-field activity is being the current host of the long-running TV show Jeopardy.

After the tragic passing of long-term host Alex Trebek, Packers’ Aaron Rodgers admirably stepped up to fill his place. It was predicted to be a temporary thing where Rodgers would finish the season out, but eventually, move on. However, there are rumors that he really impressed the showrunners and is expected to be a finalist to replace Trebek full time.

One more note on #Packers QB Aaron Rodgers: He really impressed the brass during his stint on Jeopardy. The belief is, when they finish auditions, he’ll be among those with a chance to do the job full-time. If this isn’t sorted out, a job hosting is also a possibility.
— Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) April 29, 2021

Trebek left a legacy that will never be forgotten. Being on TV every night and charming the hearts of America, he is one that can never truly be replaced. He will forever remain a fixture due to the memes he gave us throughout his and all the other things he did throughout his tenure. However, the Packers Hall of Fame star might end up filling in.
The Packers quarterback immediately took up the mantle of meme king on Jeopardy when he was asked “Who wanted to make that kick?” This immediately gave the internet a meme that has been propagated throughout the internet. Rodgers was witty and composed while hosting the show and came across as much more than an athlete. Rodgers has always been praised for his intelligence on the field, but he proved himself even more off the field. Jeopardy has long been called the smart man’s game show and Rodgers carried the torch nicely.

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