Among Us physical ed announced for PC, comes with cool collector’s items

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Limited Run Games, a studio known for making physical versions exclusively digital games, will have one for Among Us. The physical edition will contain a redeemable code for the game on Steam and Epic Games Store. It also comes with a lot of cool collector’s items, including a steel case which will ironically not contain the game DVD.

Among Us Physical Edition Pre-Order Period Starts May 11, 2021

Among Us is hitting the Limited Run Games store! Each Collector’s Edition will include exclusive Among Us merch and codes to the game on Steam and the Epic Store.
Get yours in a six-week pre-order starting May 11 at 10 AM ET. Impostors need not apply.
— Limited Run Games (@LimitedRunGames) May 5, 2021

The Among Us physical edition comes jam-packed with a lot of cool collectible items. An ID Card for one of the Crewmates will contain the digital codes to redeem the game on Steam and Epic Games Store. Still, even if the game will not actually have a physical copy, the package includes a Steel Book and a Jewel Case. The Jewel Case will contain a music disc, and the Steelbook will contain the Concept Art & Interviews Disc. A reversible 18″ x 24″ folder will also be included, featuring minimalistic artwork from the game.
The most exciting collector’s item, though, is the Emergency Button. It sits on top of the Among Us Collector’s Edition Box. You can push it just like in real life, and it will play the now-iconic Emergency Meeting sound from the game. It’s a cool nifty addition, but it surely helped in driving the price up. The Among Us Collector’s Edition Box will be available for $79.99, which can be a bit too high considering the game usually sells for only $5. Still, fans of the game can grab this to show off to their friends. If you’re interested, head on over to Limited Run Games’ website.


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