President Joe Biden Wars Americans They Could Lose Unemployment Pay

President Joe Biden Wars Americans They Could Lose Unemployment Pay


President Joe Biden just warned the American people that some of them could lose their unemployment pay under this specific condition. The Shade Room has all the available details. Check them out below. RELATED: Oprah Winfrey Hints That She Wants To Be Part Of Joe Biden’s Administration — Where Does That Leave Kamala Harris? ‘As the country gradually moves toward reopening to full capacity, President #JoeBiden is urging U.S. companies to increase their wages so that Americans can get back to work,’ TSR notes. TSR says that ‘As outlined in his job creation plan, Biden said his administration will distribute more of the coronavirus relief funds to help businesses hire more workers, but in order for Americans to get back to work, Biden is essentially reinstating a pre-pandemic unemployment policy that would require they accept “suitable” jobs.’ ‘We’re going to make it clear that anyone collecting unemployment who is offered a suitable job must take the job or lose their unemployment benefits,’ Biden said at a White House press conference. RELATED: Joe Biden Is Still Apologizing And Talking About Anita Hill — Should He Not Focus More On The Future Of This Country? According to TSR, ‘He added that he did not “see much evidence” that these federal unemployment checks have deterred people from going back to work.’ Someone said: ‘He has a point tho. Folks can’t be mad that they’re unemployed for a lengthy period of time yet reject all offers. It’s ok to find something temporarily then work towards what you really want to do. ??‍♂️’ A follower posted this message: ‘Boy bye!!!! Tell Israel they’ll lose this money if they kill Palestinians.’ Another commenter said: ‘Most of the jobs complaining are low paying jobs with no benefits. No sympathy here??‍♀️’ Someone else posted this: ‘It’s funny how these other countries are getting stimulus checks with no hassle but America being stingy af with its citizen’s money.’ One other follower posted this mesage in the comments section: ‘Tbh unemployment paying more than these jobs so why would people take the job offer? Especially after these jobs laid everybody off and now they need their mules back… y’all better get hip.’ What do you think about all this?


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