How To Clean Nespresso Machine: Your Complete Guide

How To Clean Nespresso Machine: Your Complete Guide

Does the pleasant fragrance of coffee beans tempt you every time? But you’re the one who can’t patiently do every single thing to make it; well, then you must be familiar with a Nespresso machine. There’s no denying that a cup of coffee is needed for keeping yourself afresh, but it can’t also be neglected that taking care of your Nespresso machine is as crucial as keeping a check on the number of cups you’re having per day. On this note, it becomes inevitable to talk about how to clean Nespresso machine. That’s what this article is about.

After all, what you consume influences your entire body system. That’s why it isn’t a smart play to take chances with the hygiene of the equipment that has been made to ease the kitchen chores.

Having a cup of warm coffee in the morning is just as amazing as having a cup of tea for many. But cleaning a Nespresso machine can be quite a bothersome task for many. Worry not; this article will assist you throughout your how to clean Nespresso machine journey.

A Nespresso machine is basically an espresso machine or coffee machine. Giving it a brand hallmark, Nestle has added ‘N’ to its name; that’s how this machine acquired its name- Nespresso. Now before we start on how to clean Nespresso machine, let me tell you that this article gives the basic procedure for cleaning a Nespresso machine (to be more precise, Nestle’s VertuoPlus as it is the most widely used model). However, the process might differ for different models. If you use a different Nespresso model, refer to this link to get instructions specifically for the one that you’re using.

How To Clean Nespresso Machine: Your Complete Guide

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  • Dish Bar/Detergent
  • Water (Normal or Mild Warm)
  • Container (with holding capacity of 1 litre)
  • Dry And Clean Dish Cloth (to wipe the machine parts)


To get started with the cleaning process of a Nespresso machine, firstly, ensure that you’ve separated all the machine parts.

WATER CONTAINER: Firstly, with mild dish soap or utensil detergent, wash off the water tank and the lid. Now fill the water tank (make sure to fill in fresh drinking water) and, place the lid back on, then assemble the water tank back onto the Nespresso machine. Wondering what’s the reason behind putting the filled water container back on the machine? Read through the article to know about that.

CUP SUPPORT: Rinse the cup support with hot water (mild hot or warm).

CAPSULE CONTAINER: Now press the button on the machine head to open it up, letting the capsule (used one) emit out from the machine. Rinse the capsule container thoroughly once it’s vacated.

DRIP TRAY: Cleanse the drip tray with water and put it back in its original place.

HEATING & CLEANING PROCESS: Put a container of about 1 litre holding capacity under the coffee outlet and be ready for the button play.

Close the machine head and press the button on it. You’ll get an indication that the machine is ready to be cleansed by a ‘green light’ which will go steady within a minute.

Once the green light becomes steady and stops blinking, press the coffee button 3 times in a single go. You’ve to be a little quick here!

All you’ve to do now is sit back and let the cleaning process begin, as from here onwards, the remaining process happens automatically. It might take around a minute or two for the process to initiate, and the water will start flowing out from the coffee outlet. Yes, this is why you need to place the filled water container on the machine at the start of the process.

How To Clean Nespresso Machine: Your Complete Guide

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This process can take about 5 to 8 minutes, and an orange light will keep on blinking during the whole process.

To stop the process, press the coffee button once. This time, the green light will light up to indicate that the process is completed.

Finally, rinse off the water container, drip tray, and cup support once again. And your machine is all healthy and shining inside-out.

NOTE: You can also use mild-warm water (not boiling hot) to wash the parts. But all the parts must be cleansed off separately.

This was all about how to clean Nespresso machine. Now that you’ve got rid of the coffee residues from the Nespresso machine, the taste of your coffee won’t get ruined.


It must be clear by now how to clean Nespresso machine. But every three months or after using 300 capsules, your Nespresso machine needs to be descaled as well. Descaling removes the harmful deposits from equipment. It is done in order to extend the durability of equipment by cleansing the mineral scale, which deposits over time on/in the machine/equipment.


  • You hear strange sounds while the machine or steamer is in use.
  • The coffee flows at a slower pace from the machine than usual.
  • The taste of coffee feels burnt or different from normal.

Though descaling is done to abolish the limescale build-up that settles on its own on the surface of the machine over time, the procedure is a bit similar to that of the cleaning. Usually, people also use vinegar or other substances to clean the machine, but Nestle recommends that it might affect the machine’s functionality adversely. So for this purpose, you can use Nestle’s Descaling Agent.


  • To begin with, do similarly as we did in the cleaning process, open up the machine head and emit out the capsule.
  • After that, turn off the machine by pushing the lever downwards for not more than 3 seconds.
  • Moving onto the next step, vacate the drip tray and capsule container.
  • The next step is to fill the water container and add the Nespresso descaling agent to it. You can take cues from the instructions on Nespresso Descaling Kit for quantity measures.
How To Clean Nespresso Machine: Your Complete Guide

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  • Now you need to press the coffee button present on the machine and push the lever downwards simultaneously for 3 seconds.
  • An orange light will glow up, indicating that the machine is in ‘Menu Mode.’ And, it has to be brought in ‘Descaling Mode.’ For that, place a 1L capacity container under the coffee outlet and push the lever down for one time.

Now press the coffee button one time, and you’ll see a blinking orange light throughout the process.

  • Wait for at least 5 minutes to let the process be completed.
  • Once done with descaling, the machine needs to be rinsed. For this, you need to fill the water tank again with fresh water and place an empty container under the outlet.
  • Press the coffee button 3 times in a single go. The rinsing process will start and take the same time as it took for cleaning.
  • And a steady green light will indicate that the process has been completed. Just press the coffee button and push the lever for 3 seconds simultaneously, as told earlier, to exit this mode.

Set the machine aside for about 10 minutes to dry, and then you can go preparing your next cup of coffee.

NOTE: The process of descaling has to be done uninterruptedly once it starts.

I hope it’s clear how to clean Nespresso machine and of course, don’t forget to descale it at regular intervals.