Japan national rugby union who entered the “group of death” The real possibility seen by a skilled reporter beyond the Japan tournament

Japan national rugby union who entered the
Japan national rugby union who entered the "group of death" The real possibility seen by a skilled reporter beyond the Japan tournament

Hiroshi Yoshida’s column, which continues to chase rugby, challenges, and possibilities for production three years from now
The lottery for the Rugby World Cup (World Cup) France tournament held in 2023 was held in Paris on the 14th. The Japanese national team who entered Pool D was decided to play against England and Argentina. Other opponents whose participation countries have not yet been decided are Oceania No. 1 (Samoa, Tonga are influential) and South-North America continent No. 2 (Uruguay, United States, Canada, etc.).

England, led by former Japan national team head coach (HC) Eddie Jones, is ranked 2nd globally. In November, Argentina, which defeated New Zealand, is ranked 8th, which is more powerful than Japan in 10th place. From Pool D, which can be said to be death = death pool, we will consider the challenges and possibilities of Jamie Japan toward the goal of exceeding the best 8 of the World Cup Japan Tournament last fall.

A steep challenge to open up a new history has started.

The lottery held at the former Stock Exchange, which is also one of Paris’s landmarks, was held remotely for the first time in history as a countermeasure against the new coronavirus. It was an unusual event only by the moderator and the ambassador who draws the lottery. Still, due to the combination of attention, Japan is confirmed to be in the “death group.” Jamie Joseph HC, who was interviewed in his home country of New Zealand on the 15th, one night after the lottery, also tightened his expression on the combination.

“I felt right after the draw that I was hitting two very powerful nations. Playing against a strong physical opponent with strong set pieces is a big challenge for us. England, Both Argentina have beaten the All Blacks, so it’s a big challenge and I think it’s a pool with lots of fun. “

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It was fun for the fans to watch the “teacher-disciple confrontation” between Eddie Jones and the representative members on the stage of the World Cup. Still, he is one of the world’s leading tacticians and a commander who is familiar with Japanese rugby for the parties. It will be a one-on-one fight. Argentina is also not an easy opponent to win, as you can see in the November 2016 match between 20-54 and Japan. As Joseph HC says, England is a nasty opponent in last year’s World Cup semifinals, and Argentina, as I wrote initially, is defeating New Zealand, which is called the “strongest in the world.”

The severity of pool D can be understood by comparing it with other pools. The decision is based on the current ability, but let’s predict the team that will advance to the final tournament from each Pool, the runner-up team (*).

  • A: New Zealand, France, * Italy
  • B: South Africa, Ireland, * Scotland
  • C: Wales, Australia, * Fiji
  • D: England, Japan, Argentina

The rankings of A, B, and C groups will not change unless their abilities change significantly. Forcibly speaking, in Group B, the ranking will be reversed depending on the success or failure of Ireland’s strengthening, where the commander who has been pushing for strengthening has retired, and Scotland, whose leadership will continue from the 19th tournament. However, about Pool D, Japan and Argentina are likely to follow England, one step ahead, while running side by side. England is not guaranteed to win as quickly as Ireland, a candidate for victory in the 19th tournament, lost to Japan, but Japan, which is treated as band 2, may lose two; that is, it may be defeated in the Pool.

The two countries are familiar to all rugby fans, but what they have in common is the power and size that Japan does not have in physical terms. England, the home country of rugby, traditionally assembles games based on the pressure of a large FW. Still, with the appointment of Jones HC, it is a recent feature that the ball is significantly moved on a shallow line and breaks through the gain line.

Argentina also has a powerful flesh battle and hard tackle by muscular players. Super Rugby (SR), who participated in the Jaguars organized mainly by the representative members, actively absorbs the fast-paced attack-oriented rugby style. Looking at the results of the past five tournaments, we can see England and Argentina’s abilities.

[Results of the past 5 tournaments in 3 countries] (From left: 03, 07, 11, 15, 19 World Cup)
・ England championship, runner-up, best 8, pool defeat, runner-up
・ Argentina lost against the Pool, 3rd, best 8th, 4th, lost against the Pool
・ Day: Book: Pool game loss, Pool game loss, Pool game loss, Pool game loss, Best 8