Ice dance Muramoto, Takahashi-gumi, “almost all the tasks” are also the second place in the harvest.

Muramoto, Takahashi-gumi, almost all the tasks
Muramoto, Takahashi-gumi, almost all the tasks

Ice dance Muramoto, Takahashi-gumi, “almost all the tasks” are also the second place in the harvest.

On the final day of the All Japan Figure Skating Championships, there will be an ice dance free at the Big Hat in Nagano City. Kana Muramoto, second in rhythm dance (RD), and Daisuke Takahashi (Kansai University KFSC) will be third in free 84. With 03 points, he was second with a total of 151.86 points.

The movements of the two were not the original ones. The accident the day before was trailing. Muramoto and Takahashi were free and made a series of mistakes and unable to move up from 2nd place in RD. “Almost all issues.” Takahashi, who turned from a single and faced the All Japan Championship for the first time in ice dancing, looked back with regret.

The first crack was the lift in the first half of the performance. While spinning, he lifted Muramoto and tried to return it to the ice. Still, Takahashi’s posture collapsed, and he touched the ice. Takahashi continued to lose points, such as losing his balance even in the subsequent Twizzle (quick turn), and said, “I thought I was feeling very calm, but I made a mistake.”

During RD’s official practice the day before, the two collided and fell, and Muramoto injured his left leg. He managed to play RD, but at dawn, in the morning official practice, Muramoto said, “I had more pain in my legs than I expected.” Since the adjustment was limited to light adjustments, who reached the actual performance without sufficient confirmation of the NHK Trophy changes in November, considering the situation, Muramoto’s true intention is, “I was relieved to finish slipping safely.”

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However, despite being hit by accident, we have taken a step forward from the NHK Trophy, which was 3rd out of 3 groups. The goal is the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. “I felt that the more experience I had, the more (points) I would get,” Takahashi said. [Hitoshi Kurasawa]


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