Can Messi join the MLS team again?


Lionel Messi:

Argentine national team FW Lionel Messi, who belongs to Barcelona, ​​has also expressed his willingness to experience playing in MLS (Major League Soccer) in his future career. Spain’s “La Siesta” reports an interview with the player.

Messi, who had spent his career in Barcelona until now, caused a great deal of turmoil when he offered to leave the club this summer. Eventually, he will remain and continue playing in Barça, but the contract that expires at the end of this season has not been extended, and his departure from next season onwards continues to be watched.

“I want to thank the club forever, but I felt that one cycle was over and I needed to change,” Messi explained why he wanted to move. He continued to appeal directly to President Josep Maria Bartomeu for the transfer but was not heard and recalled that he had submitted a written request to the club as a last resort.

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Regarding the transfer of FW Luis Suarez, who was a teammate and close friend, to Atletico Madrid, he did not hide his dissatisfaction with the club and President Bartomeu. Although it was not a direct reason for his desire to leave the club, he accused him of strengthening his rival club, saying, “I transferred to a team that fights for the same goal. I can’t believe it.”

Messi said, “I want to concentrate on playing this season in Barça and fight for the Champions League and league titles” as long as I remain. However, he avoided giving a clear outlook on his departure after the end of the season, saying, “I still don’t know what will happen. I want to wait until the end of the season.”

It is rumored that Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City are promising transfer destinations if they leave Barça, but Messi is also interested in transferring to MLS. “I want to play in the United States and experience life and leagues over there,” he said. After retiring, he said, “I want to return to Barcelona for some role.”