Plane crash: Survivors await the remains of their loved ones

Plane crash: Survivors await the remains of their loved ones
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Plane crash:

Passengers and crew members of the wrecked plane crash have a hard time waiting as authorities search for the wreckage and remain.

Authorities say the ping locator used to locate the black box of a Boeing 737 passenger plane crashed into the sea near Jakarta had “what damaged technical problems or the device.”

I am now waiting for the arrival of the new ‘Ping Locator‘ from Singapore. So far, parts of the wreckage and human remains have been found.

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The Boeing 737 crashed just minutes after taking off from Jakarta on Saturday. A total of 62 people were on board.

It looks like no one was found alive in the search.

On Monday, Indonesian police identified OK Bisma, a staff member, as the victim. He was 29 years old.

Authorities say divers have recovered human remains, wreckage, and clothing.

According to AFP, 2,600 personnel were involved in the search operation, including 50 boats and 13 aircraft.

The Boeing 737, which went missing shortly after taking off from the capital Jakarta on Saturday, crashed into the sea.

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“We are in grief and still pray for the best,” said Farza Mehrdhika, the pilot’s nephew.

Captain Affan was 54 years old.

His nephew said that his uncle left the house in a hurry that day. They usually dress very well, but that day they wore shirts without ironing.

He apologized to his three children for leaving early.

Afwan served as a pilot for the Air Force before becoming a commercial pilot in 1987.

His family and colleagues say he was a devout Muslim and helped people in the town of Bogar in South Java and at work.

His profile picture on social media shows a cartoon of Superman praying. It says that no matter how high you fly, you will never go to heaven if you don’t pray. Reading. ‘

Farza said that he was a very good man and often gave advice and reasonable opinion to people. And he was a well-known figure in his area and was known for his compassion. “

“I’m unfortunate, and I can’t believe what is happening,” he said. Please pray for your uncle and our family.