After the Sussex coup, the Windsors prepare the counter offensive

After the Sussex coup, the Windsors prepare the counteroffensive
The crown would assess a harsh punishment for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for their interview yesterday

The Palace could disclose financial scandals of the dukes and revelations about their rhythm of life after the explosive interview they had with Oprah Winfrey

PARIS.– War broke out and there is no going back possible. Prince Harry of England and his wife, Meghan Markle, dropped an atomic bomb of revenge and settling scores against the British monarchy yesterday. But what the two promoters of this new drama ignore is that the story always ends the same: with the triumph of La Firma.

The ritual is immovable. Still confined to Windsor Palace, yesterday Queen Elizabeth II ate her breakfast like every morning listening to the “Sovereign Piper” of the bagpipes, performed in the garden by a Scottish royal guard in a kilt. Toast, orange marmalade, cereal in a Tupperware bowl, Darjeeling tea served with a cloud of milk from Jersey cows at your local dairy. The sovereign also immersed herself in her favorite newspaper, pressed in advance so that it does not stain her fingers: the Racing Post, dedicated to the turf.

Her butler gave her news of her husband, Prince Philip of Edinburgh, 99, hospitalized in a London clinic, and later Elizabeth received Edward Young, her private secretary, with whom she discussed the interview of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex with the American pope of talk-shows, Oprah Winfrey, broadcast last night in the United States and today in the United Kingdom, as well as in 70 other countries.

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Shamelessly revealing her family problems, Meghan Markle launched a devastating missile into the orderly garden of British royalty. Relentlessly, the Duchess – almost a clone of her mother-in-law, the ill-fated Princess Diana – revealed, without giving names, the sufferings inflicted on her by the members of the dynasty: “concerns” within the Windsor clan due to skin color of her son Archie, refusal to give him future armed protection, suicidal ideas and depression … Kate, her sister-in-law who made her cry and not the other way around as the press had claimed, etc.

In that post-Victorian reality showthe former American actress also revealed that she had never studied the history of the Windsors and did not know how to bow to the queen. Assassin, the outraged Duchess denounced “a true campaign of denigration of the Palace”, at the highest level.

Harry, in turn, did his own thing. The youngest son of Carlos and Diana accused his father, heir to the throne, of having abandoned him and, above all, of having left him penniless in the first quarter of 2020, when the couple announced that they intended to renounce their official obligations and leave. To the united states. In that large artillery fire, only his grandmother was saved. Simply put, listening to Meghan Markle, the Windsors are not the Borgias, but almost.

As happened in 1995 with Princess Diana’s explosive interview about her conjugal dramas, an atomic bomb exploded again in the heart of the monarchical system that has ruled the country for more than a thousand years.

It is probable that, as always during her 69 years of reign, listening to her private secretary, Elizabeth II has whispered imperturbably the eternal leitmotif of the Windsors: “ I see ” (I understand). But it’s also easy to imagine your thoughts.

For example, Meghan is lying when she claims that no one ever taught her to bow. Because, in order to facilitate her integration, the sovereign commissioned her former communication director to take care of accompanying her in her first steps within The Firm (as Windsor themselves call the royal family).

“He also made available Nana Kofi Twumasi-Ankrah, his first black squire, to serve as his mentor. But the colonel, frightened by the unpredictable behavior of the future Duchess and by her demands, asked to be relieved of his duties, “says Anne-Elisabeth Moutet, former royal chronicler of The Telegraph newspaper.

Isabel must also have thought that Harry is not telling the truth when he claims that his father left him penniless. “The truth is that the financial demands of both were so exorbitant during the last months of negotiation, that they ended up convincing Carlos and the queen — determined to make every effort to achieve the return of their favorite grandson— that he was no longer it is possible to continue responding to those whims, ”analyzes Holly Baxter of The Independent newspaper.

During the interview, Meghan Markle hinted that her son would not receive a noble title like the other great-grandchildren of the sovereign, for being the first mestizo member of the dynasty. Specialists correct:

According to the protocols established by George V more than 100 years ago, in 1917, the children and grandchildren of a sovereign have the automatic right to receive the title of HRH (His Royal Highness) and of prince or princess. When Archie was born, he was the queen’s great-grandson, not her grandson. Only when his grandfather, Carlos, accedes to the throne, will he be entitled to a noble title ”, explains the great historian of the monarchies Jean des Cars.

The official version of the Palace is simple: on Sunday the queen devoted herself to her occupations. He watched the Commonwealth commemoration on television to project the image of a united family. By video conference, he paid a vibrant tribute to the success of that great overseas family that brings together a good quarter of humanity, without forgetting to emphasize “the importance of self-denial and selflessness” of those who work for the good of others.

The message is simple: the sovereign, who had appointed Harry president of the Commonwealth Youth and Commonwealth Trust, and Meghan, vice president, considers herself betrayed by that ungrateful couple. With the same phlegm, Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson declared yesterday “his deepest admiration for Elizabeth II. ” A good listener …

The question now is whether, in this Shakespearean drama, the hour of royal revenge has struck. Anonymous sources close to it suggest that the Palace could disclose other scandals, especially financial, involving the Sussexes, starting with the conditions of the renovation of their house in Frogmore Cottage in Windsor, their way of life, and, above all, other accusations of harassment by the Duchess against several of her collaborators at Kensington Palace. The queen could even withdraw their titles of royal duke and duchess.

The sovereign’s strategic decisions are always the subject of slow reflection. But the result is always frighteningly effective.

“The deep and radical transformation of the British dynasty had long needed a kind of tsunami that would end its superfluous branches in order to concentrate on the hardcore of the succession order: Carlos, Guillermo, and Jorge. Elizabeth II did it without mercy, ”says Holly Baxter.

At 95 years old, the sovereign knows perfectly well that brutality has the advantage of clarity. For that reason, despite the enormous media noise of the interview, the fate of Harry and Meghan does not have any importance for the future of the kingdom. As the English say: although the bombs rain, the enemies stir and the plots multiply, the queen always wins the war.