David Adefeso Talks About Cryptocurrencies In His Most Recent Video

David Adefeso Talks About Cryptocurrencies In His Most Recent Video


David Adefeso is talking about cryptocurrencies in this most recent video. Check it out here. ‘Thinking About Investing in Cryptocurrencies? With crypto being such a hot topic as of late, many people ask me about Bitcoin and whether or not it’s a good investment to buy. Here, I give you an overview of crypto currencies like Bitcoin and advice on whether or not Bitcoin has a place in your portfolio.  For more financial tips and lessons, tune into #WealthDemystified every Sunday at 2p PT for a live discussion series where I breakdown the need to know gems required for financial success. Link in bio,’ he captioned his post. RELATED: Tamar Braxton’s BF, David Adefeso, Surprises Fans With New Financial Advice Someone said: ‘Definitely the best explanation I’ve heard,’ and most of his fans agreed and said that this is one of the greatest explanations that they have heard. A fan said: ‘Thanks so much.. This is the best explanation I have ever got all these years on Bitcoin… I appreciate.’ Someone else posted this: ‘Awesome explanation! Wow! I’ve always wondered about the details of Bitcoin and whether to buy or not. Now I know to buy with caution, and only after I do my research. Thank you @david.adefeso ????.’ RELATED: Tamar Braxton And David Adefeso Make Huge Announcement In Cute Video Hinting That She Might Be Pregnant A fan posted: ‘you are so knowledgeable and clear on your delivery thank you.’ David Adefeso   is showing fans and followers who supported his Wealth Demystified show a lot of gratitude. Check out the post that he shared on his social media account. ‘Thanks, everyone for tuning into today’s #WealthDemystified show. The link is in bio in case you missed it. Wanted to share this magical picture from the backyard…if God didn’t create this, I wonder who did ? Happy Sunday!’ David captioned his post. Recently, he told his fans that he’s going on a short vacay, and he also made sure to mention the fact that he is waiting to find his soulmate.


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