Rugby: Ex-Brave Blossoms star Ayumu Goromaru set to retire

Ex-Brave Blossoms star Ayumu Goromaru set to retire
Ex-Brave Blossoms star Ayumu Goromaru set to retire

The top league that will start in January next year will be the last active player his name is Ayumu Goromaru decided to retire at the age of 35 from the time I signed the contract”

Ayumu Goromaru

Former Japan national rugby union FB Ayumu Goromaru (Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.) spoke in his heart at a retirement announcement press conference on the 16th. The top league, which will start on January 16th next year, is the last season of active duty. The 34-year-old, who played an active part in the 2015 World Cup England tournament, said, “I have only one season left to fight.” After retiring, he explained that it was “totally blank.” He talked about his determination for the final season of active duty.

A press conference that was also live-distributed on the video distribution site “YouTube“. Goromaru, who appeared in a black suit, said with a mysterious expression, “I, Goromaru Ayumu, decided to retire from active duty at the end of the top league that will start in January 2021. I have only one season. I don’t have the energy or physical strength to fight. I am full of gratitude to everyone who supported me. For the remaining one season, I would like to keep my gratitude in my heart and fight with a strong feeling. ” Said.

Ex-Brave Blossoms star Ayumu Goromaru set to retire
Ex-Brave Blossoms star Ayumu Goromaru set to retire

Reason for retiring:

Regarding the reason for retiring, looking back at the age of 22 when he signed with Yamaha Motor, he said, “One of the major reasons is that I decided to retire when I reached the age of 35 from the time I signed the contract.” Explanation. “I think it was decided for me that this day would come. It means that I will be retiring in a long span,” he said.

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Goromaru went on to Waseda University from Saga Engineering. In April 2005, he was first elected to represent Japan while being a university student. The World Cup England tournament became famous. In “Brighton’s miracle” that defeated South Africa, he scored 24 points with an accurate kick. A unique routine that puts both hands together in the center of the body before kicking was all the rage.

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“During and after the 2015 World Cup, many people learned about and supported rugby. Thanks to the fans’ long support for rugby, the 2019 World Cup I feel that the Japan tournament was a great success. “

After the England tournament, he also belonged to the Reds of Super Rugby and RC Toulonnais of France. Became a representative Lagerman in Japan. In the last season of active duty, the opening game on January 16th will fight Kobe Steel at Noevir Stadium.

After retiring, he said it was a “totally blank sheet”. “My personality is not a dexterous person who can think of two things at the same time. I am clumsy, but I have accumulated each and every one. I am grateful to all the people who have supported me so far. I want to do my best to fight the last season left for me, “he said with his determination to the final season.


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