Former Prime Minister Abe apologizes “Some things are contrary to the facts as a result of the Diet reply.”

Former Prime Minister Abe apologizes
Toru Yamanaka/AFP/Getty Images

Former Prime Minister Abe apologizes held a press conference on the night of the 24th after the secretary was indicted briefly on the social gathering issue the night before the “Sakura wo Miru Kai“. Regarding the past Diet response, he apologized, saying, “I intended to answer as far as I knew at that time, but as a result, some of the answers were contrary to the facts.”

Mr. Abe:

Mr. Abe said that the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor’s Office did not mention the balance of the social gathering in the income and expenditure report of the supporters’ association of former Prime Minister Abe due to the problem of the social community held the night before the “Sakura wo Miru Kai”. Abe himself did not prosecute the government’s first public secretary for violating the Political Funds Control Act.


In response to this, Mr. Abe held a press conference for about an hour in the Diet on the night of the 24th. He explained that the income and expenditure report for the 3 years up to last year of his political organization “Shinzo Abe Supporters Association” was revised to describe the social gathering income and expenditure.

Mr. Abe Apologized:

He apologized, “I am keenly aware of my moral responsibility, even though the accounting process was done without my knowledge. I would like to deeply regret and sincerely apologize to the people.”

Parliamentary Responses:

Regarding past parliamentary responses related to the social gathering, he said, “I would have checked with the office many times and answered as far as I knew at that time, but as a result, some of the responses were contrary to the facts of the people. It has undermined confidence in politics.”

He apologized, “I would like to deeply apologize to the people and all members of the ruling and opposition parties as to the head of government at that time, as the president of the Liberal Party, and as a member of parliament,” and expressed his intention to explain the facts in the Diet.

On top of that, he said, “I am aware that the political responsibility that caused this situation is extremely heavy, and I take it seriously. I would like to make every effort to restore the trust of the people. I will return to my original intentions and take responsibility. I want to do it. “

On the other hand, when asked about the possibility of resigning as a member of the Diet and leaving the LDP, he said, “I would like to stand on my reflection and fulfill my responsibilities.

Mr. Abe also Revealed:

He also revealed that he learned the facts last month, saying that the secretary in charge had told him that he and the first public secretary, who had been indicted briefly, had resigned.

Furthermore, regarding Prime Minister Suga, who was answering this question as Chief Cabinet Secretary at that time, “I am sorry that I had no choice but to answer on the premise that I heard from the office, and as a result, I came to answer differently from the facts. I’m thinking. “

He said, “I don’t think if I’m asked if I’ll be able to explain at today’s press conference and tomorrow’s Diet. I’d like to explain if necessary in the future.”

“Replenishment (hoten) with your own deposit.”

At a press conference, former Prime Minister Abe was asked where he had paid for the social gathering, saying, “It was withdrawn from my deposit. General expenses such as food expenses, meeting expenses, transportation expenses, accommodation expenses, etc. An invoice came to me and I made the payment, but I paid out of what I had in the office as my money. “

“The facts were confirmed in November.”

He added, “I confirmed the facts only recently after the investigation began. The secretary in charge did not give me what to say in the income and expenditure report for several years and could not answer the truth. Last month. When I checked it after the news came out, there was a story saying, “Actually, this was the case.”

He also revealed that the secretary had resigned.

“I’m not involved in the operation at all.”

Regarding the social gathering management, “I was devoted to the duties of the Prime Minister, so I was not involved in the management of the social gathering at all. “.

“For the social gathering, the Tokyo office was in charge of setup, negotiations with the hotel, and payment for replacement. On the other hand, the representative of the supporters’ association was the local public first secretary. This has happened for many years due to inadequate contact and coordination with local offices. “

He added, “The first public secretary has just submitted a retirement notice today. He is also remorseful, and he wants to refrain from doing anything in the future for the time being.”

“I have a lot of feelings about whether the confirmation with the secretary was sufficient,” he said.

About the answer that there was no statement

Regarding the answer that there was no statement from the hotel side so far, “I confirmed the statement with the office, but there was no statement from the hotel. Also, I saw the statement. He said he wasn’t aware of it, but if the hotel said he was “handing over the statement,” that might have been the case. “

“Go back to the beginning and do your best.”

In response to the question about the resignation of a member of the House of Representatives and the possibility of leaving the LDP, “I am aware that political responsibility is extremely heavy. Based on my reflection, I am responsible for not clouding the people. At the same time, I would like to fulfill my responsibilities by returning to the beginning and doing my best so that I can meet the expectations of the people in order to restore trust. “

Regarding returning the former faction to the Hosoda faction, he said, “I haven’t resigned from the Prime Minister yet, and I have some problems this time, so I’m not thinking about returning.”

Impact on the administration “I can’t answer.”

When asked about the impact on the Suga Cabinet and the LDP’s approval rating, “I can’t answer what the impact will be. In any case, to restore confidence in politics and our party. I want to make an effort. “

On the other hand, “The Secretary of State Suga at that time had no choice but to answer on the premise that I heard from the office. As a result, I am sorry to Prime Minister Suga for giving an answer that is not true. I’m thinking. “

Reference to questioning “It is not appropriate to say”

Also, regarding the interview, he said, “We have said that we will cooperate in the investigation in order to clarify the truth in good faith, and we have taken such measures. When and where the interview was conducted. It is not appropriate for me to say that it is related to the investigation. “

“Explanation if necessary in the future.”

When asked if he could be said to have fulfilled his responsibilities at the press conference on the 24th and the explanation at the Diet on the 25th, he said, “I don’t think that’s the case. I have to work hard from now on. I explain as much as I can, but I would like to continue to explain if necessary. “