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The next BlizzConline leak: The Blizzard Arcade Collection

Blizz couldn’t help it this time.

  • After the big WoW leak, the next premature announcement follows
  • The Blizzard Arcade Collection was rated 12 by PEGI
  • At the same time, PEGI reveals the first titles and the release date

One leak is followed by the next. Just a few hours after important BlizzConline WoW highlights leaked to the public due to a dating error, more information has fought its way out.

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This time it’s not The Burning Crusade Classic, Shadowlands or even Diablo 4, but the Blizzard Arcade Collection. The Pan European Game Information (PEGI), Europe’s largest game rating authority, has published a rating for the arcade collection from Blizzard.

Gematsu was one of the first to spot this leak and showed a screenshot of the PEGI rating. “The Blizzard Arcade Collection – a collection that includes Lost Vikings 1, Rock & Roll Racing and Blackthorne – has been rated for PC in Europe,” writes Gematsu.

The collection is given a rating of 12 for showing moderate violence. This means that the Arcade Collection has the same age rating as, for example, Hades. According to the judgment of the PEGI, this game should not be played under the age of 12. PEGI also confirms content and games that Blizzard probably wanted to reveal at BlizzConline.

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In advance of the leak, we not only receive the age recommendation and can thus infer the brutality of the content. We also now know some games that will appear in the collection and can assume that the Arcade Collection will definitely appear for the PC. A console version could still be announced.

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After all, Blizzard still has the announcement of all games that have not yet been leaked in the arcade collection and, for example, the information on the soundtrack from Rock & Roll Racing, because this would of course have to be licensed again for further use – and the soundtrack is not completely unimportant for the game!

PEGI has listed the release of the Arcade Collection for today, February 19th. Since the opening event starts at 11:00 p.m., it is very likely that the collection will already be part of the event opening. An uncomfortable situation, because two of the biggest announcements of Blizzard’s flagship WoW title have already been anticipated by BlizzConline.

Still, want to watch the free digital BlizzCon? In this news, we have summarized the BlizzConline event schedule for you so that you are well prepared for the lonely mass event.


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