Film/23-year-old male model Zhang Zhixuan died suddenly, his relatives and friends were in pain, “naughty gone”, the last figure exposed.

Film/23-year-old male model Zhang Zhixuan died suddenly, his relatives and friends were in pain,
Kaiwo male model Zhang Zhixuan passed away in shock. Picture/Excerpt from Facebook

Kaiwo male model Zhang Zhixuan went out to exercise late at night on the 15th, suddenly felt heart discomfort and fainted. After being sent to the doctor for rescue, he was pronounced dead. He was 23 years old. His sister announced the bad news on the 16th through a social network. A post said Zhang Zhixuan’s cause of death was determined by a doctor. The news spread about “blood vessel obstruction caused by aortic stripping,” and many netizens were shocked. The reason was the same as that of the artist imp, Huang Hongsheng, who died last year.

In addition to working as a model, Zhang Zhixuan also ran social websites and YouTube channels. A few days ago, he also uploaded a video that challenged Rap. In the scene, he repeatedly sang and laughed at himself: “Please bear with me for the quick mouth of the halogen egg. Strengthen, the tongue has been injured internally.” Unexpectedly, a few days after the incident, he died suddenly due to “blood vessel obstruction caused by aortic stripping.” His young life came to an abrupt end at the age of 23. This video became his last public appearance , So that relatives and friends mourned.

Zhang Zhixuan died suddenly. My younger sister endured grief and sent a message, and dealt with the elder brother’s funeral. The younger sister wrote on her behalf and dealt with all the follow-up matters of her brother, saying: “Thank you for your usual care and love to Zhixuan. We are already dealing with the funeral.” She also pleaded Don’t privately inform Zhang’s parents, “If you have any questions, please tell me if you have any trouble.” It’s very strong and distressing. Kaiwo also mourned on Facebook: “This time, you took a step forward very mischievously. From now on, your figure will stop in our miss. Zhixuan, you in the sky… still have to continue to sing and be a Charismatic angel!” At the same time, he said that he is also assisting the family in the follow-up matters. The family is very distressed and hopes to deal with Zhang Zhixuan’s funeral in a low-key manner and give them some space.

Relatives and friends suddenly received the bad news, unbearable, and sent articles of condolences. Zhao Yilan revealed that Zhang Zhixuan looks exactly like Ruan Jingtian. He once learned the movie “Mangjia” during acting class, a dialogue between two people, Zhang Zhixuan learned 2 people at a time, and his performance was bright. Eyes, Zhao Yilan said sadly, “Thank you for appearing in our lives. You are now a superman and you are not afraid of anything anymore.” Lu Jiaxin also mourned on Facebook, “I miss you, the most lovely, kind and singing child. “Speaking is like rap”, which is sour.

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