India and China issued a retaliation order!

Conflicts broke out on the border between China and India, and disputes continued. (Schematic) Picture: Xie Gang's Twitter DHDECCAN HERALD
Conflicts broke out on the border between China and India, and disputes continued. (Schematic) Picture: Xie Gang's Twitter DHDECCAN HERALD

India and China:

Since the conflict on the border between India and China, India and China’s relationship has taken a turn for the worse; recently, the Indian government has “informally” requested airlines to prohibit Chinese passengers’ entry. Some Indian media speculated that this was probably due to the Indian government’s retaliation for the country’s citizens, who were banned from entering China and canceled their visas. Due to China’s relevant measures against India, the crew of Indian cargo ships are still stranded in Chinese ports and cannot move.

According to a report from the “Times of India” on the 28th, the Indian government has now “unofficially” requested all airlines to prohibit Chinese passengers’ entry. Since November this year, China has taken measures such as “preventing Indians from flying to China” and “suspending visas for Indians.” Some local media speculated that this was India’s retaliatory measures for Chinese and Indian citizens’ entry.


At present, Air India has been requested by the government to ban passengers of Chinese nationality. The airline also requires the Indian government to provide written texts of relevant regulations. There are good reasons to refuse to board Chinese citizens going to India in compliance with current regulations. China and India have suspended flights between China and India. However, some Chinese citizens still travel to India through some temporary flights.

Previously, China’s measures against India resulted in some cargo ships carrying Australian coal and Indian crews stranded in Chinese ports, unable to move. A related person pointed out that two freighters carrying 39 Indian crew members and Australian cargo arrived at Chinese ports in June and September this year. Still, they have not yet been able to enter the port to unload their cargo and have been stranded on the freighter for a long time. In this regard, India stated that it had made several rounds of negotiations with China, hoping to allow the crew to land and rotate. Still, China has repeatedly repeated the rules regarding the rotation of foreign crew members during the epidemic.

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Foreign Affairs:

On the 25th, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that in response to India’s relevant demands, China would provide the necessary convenience and assistance under the premise of complying with relevant anti-epidemic regulations. Emphasizes: “At present, some Chinese ports allow the replacement of crew members under the premise of complying with relevant anti-epidemic regulations, but the ports where Indian crew members are stranded happen to be absent. It is up to them to decide whether the cargo party is willing to adjust the operation arrangements.”


Regarding the cancellation of Indian visas, the Chinese side stated that because the second wave of epidemics has been out of control in many countries, the Chinese embassies in many countries have issued notices to suspend the holders of current valid Chinese visas and work-related visas from India, Britain, France, and other countries, Personal affairs, and group residence permits to enter China and call this a last resort measure in response to the epidemic.

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