One year after the commander’s murder, the United States and Iran strengthen military activities

United States and Iran strengthen military activities
Tensions between US and Iran are rising in the Persian Gulf / Shutterstock

(Etrends News) Tensions between the United States and Iran are rising in the Persian Gulf of the Middle East. On the 3rd, it will be a year since the United States killed Commander Soleimani of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps “Cods Unit,” and about three weeks later, President-elect’s appointment Biden is approaching. Voices of concern are growing.

UN Security Council:

Iran called on the UN Security Council on December 31 to prevent the United States from strengtheningmilitary adventurism” in the Persian Gulf and the Omani Sea. He also mentioned that the United States sent bombers capable of carrying nuclear weapons to the Middle East. He said he did not want the conflict but stated that he would take self-defense measures if necessary.

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Meanwhile, U.S. officials, who are aware of the latest intelligence, told CNN yesterday that some of the Iranian Navy has strengthened their readiness in the last 48 hours. New intelligence has shown that Iran is moving short-range ballistic missiles to Iraq, defense officials told CNN this week.

Military activities:

In addition to military activities, the exchange of words is becoming more intense. Cod’s leaders said yesterday that retaliation for US crimes could be carried out by “someone who came out of the US’s own home.” In response, US President Donald Trump tweeted last week that he would “take responsibility for Iran” if he killed Americans.

Commander Soleimani’s murder takes three days and marks the first year of its outbreak. U.S. officials have also pointed out that Iran may be retaliated on this day.


Israeli media cites reports from Arab newspapers, reporting heavily on the story of anonymous U.S. sources that Israel and Saudi Arabia are urging President Trump to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities before their term expires. There is.

Washington experts say Mr. Trump may be distracting from the failure to overturn the outcome of the presidential election and trigger the conflict to complicate plans for the next president in the Middle East. There are voices of concern. International affairs expert Tom Nichols, who teaches at Naval War College, said, “Mr. Trump may be thinking of holding Mr. Biden responsible for some military operations in the process of leaving his presidency. I’m really worried. “

Biden wants to loosen Trump’s “maximum pressure policy,” resume involvement with Iran and return to a nuclear deal. However, hardliners within the Trump administration have been strongly opposed to these measures.

Some experts say that even if Iran launches any attack, it will carefully adjust its scale. Former National Security Council official and CNN analyst Sam Vinograd said, “Iran will contain itself as Mr. Biden is about to take office and is moving to resume nuclear negotiations that will lead to the lifting of sanctions. You don’t want to do it, “he said.